When Will My Tax Refund Be Mailed?

taxThe time when tax refunds are mailed is around six weeks after sending out the paper return. This is assuming that the paper was filed in the traditional way. However there may be times when it will be delayed by a few days.

The Typical Time Span

The six week time period assumes that the papers were filed before the deadline (April 15). If you filed before the deadline, you will get the check during the last week of May. Sometimes it comes in around early June.

The time period is shorter for electronic filing. While traditional filing takes six weeks, those who do so online will get it in three weeks’ time. The period when tax refunds are mailed is thus shorter if you have online access. For this reason it is recommended that you file online. The process is virtually the same as in the old way.

Reasons for Delayed Returns

If you still have not gotten the mail, there are several possible reasons. The most common reason is that the papers are still under review. There are plenty of refund cases being assessed. You will know that is the case if you get a letter from the IRS.

Usually it will state that your refund is still being reviewed. Often, the IRS will send you a letter every three weeks. They will tell you when tax refunds are mailed, and if the matter is resolved already. If there is a problem, you will likely be notified by the service.

Taxpayer Errors

Another possible reason is an error in the papers filed. A typo in
the address or name will cause delays. In some cases the check won’t be delivered at all. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should always double check the data you enter in the tax forms.

In 2008 alone, over 100,000 refunds were sent back by the Postal Service. The reasons were errors in the address entered by the taxpayer. If you have doubts when tax refunds are mailed, check for any errors in those forms.

Other Reasons for Delays

Another possible reason is if you have tax obligations. If that is
the case, the IRS won’t send you a refund. However the common practice is to inform the taxpayer first. Other reasons include poor handwriting or putting in the wrong figures.

If your handwriting needs to be deciphered it will take awhile. It will take more time if you entered incorrect information. Review the numbers to make sure they’re right.

Updating the Refund Status

If you still haven’t gotten the mail, you can check the IRS website. You must provide your Social Security Number and the total refund amount. Your filing status is also required. Their website will help you know the status of your refund, as well as other facts about your tax situation.

The above information should help you know when tax refunds are mailed. There’s no need to panic when it’s a little delayed; just go over the facts and the situation will clarify itself.

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