When Will I Die?

deathThe question “When will I die?” comes to mind during times of loneliness, regardless of age. People sometimes come to a minute realization that all humans die sooner or later. And then they wonder about what happens after death. Here are some circumstances that trigger most people to think about their death.

Old Age

Old people often think and plan about their death. The older they get, the more real the fact of death seems to be. Not so in their youth. When energetic youngsters ask themselves, “When will I die?” the first thing that comes to mind is usually when old age comes. So they see the event as something remote and irrelevant. Consequently, they also do not seriously think about what happens after death. They may muse about it but only for a fleeting moment. The young and healthy have no interest in thinking about their deaths.

Disease or Illness

Serious illnesses bring people, young and old, to seriously ask themselves, “When will I die?” Terminal illness or viral outbreaks like bird or swine flu in a locality can render even the most healthy person worried about death. And this is despite consolations that what happens after death is a great relief from pain and hardship brought about by illness. Few people, especially those who remain attached to the present, are consoled by what would happen after death.


When traveling, especially by plane, some people admit that they often secretly think of the possibility of an accident. They ask themselves, “When will I die?” or “Is this it?” Hence, they say their heartfelt good byes to their loved ones. This is true especially if it’s their first time to travel by plane or on sea. When people have no control of what might happen, they often worry about the worst. like death. And then wonder what happens after death.

Desperation or Escapism

When a problem or situation seems to get out of hand, some people desperately just want out. If they can’t, thoughts of dying sometimes seem a welcome treat. This is true especially of those who always opt to escape from difficulties than face them squarely. Or persons who bear the brunt of hatred or persecution. They deem death as the only escape and wistfully ask, “When will I die?”

Death in the Family.

A death in the family seems to stop life’s wheel from turning. This sometimes eventually leads to the thought of “When will I die?” Especially when they realize that nobody knows whose turn is next, and when. And pondering the question is supposed to purge the soul to prepare it when the time comes.

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