When Were Smarties Invented?

smartiesA pack of Smarties contains several sugarcoated chocolate candies. They are known for their sweet pleasant taste and oblate spheroid shape. Many people love this popular confectionery. Every pack contains various kinds of colors, which make it very attractive to numerous individuals, most especially to kids. For those who wish to learn when Smarties were invented, here is a quick take on the history of these colorful treats.


When were Smarties invented? According to records, H. I. Rowntree & Co. started to manufacture these sweet colorful candies in 1882, the very same year when they were invented. The company was founded in the City of York in England. Before, these candies were referred to as chocolate beans. In 1937, they were called Smarties Chocolate Beans.

In 1977, international trade requirements and standards forced the company to remove the words ‘chocolate beans’ from their labels. The reason for this was that these terms were somewhat misleading. Because of this setback, the company was forced to adopt a different but definitely an improved catchy line. The catch phrase described the candies as milk chocolate covered in crispy sugary shell.

In 1988, the multinational company Nestle acquired H. I. Rowntree & Co. Five years after this huge move, the management of the company changed the name of these candies to Nestle Smarties. Two of the largest production facilities for these products are found in Canada and Germany instead of the old facility in England. Years after, these sugarcoated candies continue to succeed in various parts of the world including in the Commonwealth of Nations as well as in Europe.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

These candies come in eight different colors. These include brown, pink and violet. Additionally, each pack also contains green, blue, yellow, orange and red candies. Each candy has an approximate major axis measuring 15 millimeters or 0.6 inches, and a minor axis of about 5 millimeters or 0.2 inches.

Today, this particular brand of candy is used in creating delectable ice cream variations. In Canada for instance, these colorful candies are used to decorate and add flavor to a special ice cream flavor called Blizzard, which is available inside the fast-food chain Dairy Queen. Meanwhile, McDonalds serves McFlurry with the candies as highlights.

These sugarcoated candies are highly popular in several countries including South Africa, Germany and Canada. They are also manufactured in other big nations like Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. After the brand’s invention and launch in 1882, these candies have made a long way towards their current global success. Until now, these products continue to be sweet, pleasant and colorful.

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