When Was the First Television Made?

A telecommunication medium that is used by people to view and listen to recorded messages as well as broadcast materials, a television (also known as TV) is one of the common appliances in households, business establishments and institutions today. This appliance is very useful in viewing entertainment shows and news programs created by television broadcasting companies. Electronic circuits are some of the standard parts of a TV that are important to decode and receive broadcast signals. To enhance its functionality, some corporations have launched various technical standards like the high definition television system as well as the digital television system. Below are some important data that people should learn if they want to know when the first television was made.


When was the first television made? John Logie Baird invented and introduced the first TV system in London, England on January 26, 1926. To scan image, Baird used double spiral lenses in this electronic device. The first TV only featured 30 lines, which was one of the reasons why Baird decided to develop an upgraded version. The inventor established a company named Baird Television Development Company. The corporation successfully transmitted a TV signal from London to New York in 1928. A year after, Baird collaborated with Bernard Natan and founded Television-Baird-Natan.

The Epsom Derby in 1931 is the first live event that was televised. Baird continued to improve the system until he invented an ultra-short wave electromechanical device in 1932. New models of TV systems created by Baird were launched until 1936.

Other Relevant Information

Philo Farnsworth in San Francisco, California invented the first electronic TV system on the 7th day of September 1927. The system was presented to the public at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute on the 25th day of August 1934. This electronic device used a camera tube to receive and transmit images. To enhance the functionality of the system, Farnsworth removed its motor generator. After the invention of the first electronic TV, many inventors the different regions of the world created variations of the electronic television system including Vladimir Zworykin and Kalman Tihanyi.

TV systems became commercially available in some countries like Russia, United States and Great Britain in 1928. After the Second World War, the demand for the device increased in these countries. Because of this, the prices of TV systems started to decrease. In the 1960s, television companies were able to sold millions of these devices. In addition, during this time and almost 90 per cent of households in the U.S. use the appliance for news and entertainment.

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