When Was the First Snickers Bar Made?

Known for its sweet fine taste, Snickers is probably one of the nice tasting chocolate bars available today. This super special treat is comprised of caramel, roasted peanuts and peanut butter nougat. Every year, this particular product sells somewhere around $2 billion. Currently, Mars Incorporated owns the exclusive rights to this super enticing chocolate treat. For those who want to know when the first Snicker bar was made, here is a brief take on its history.


When was the first Snicker bar made? According to records, it was created and introduced in 1930. It was the second product of Mars Incorporated. It got its name from the horses of company owners Ethel and Frank Mars. After that, there seemed to be no turning back to its success. Different variants of the chocolate bar emerged. In 1970, the Munch was introduced. In 1989, the Ice Cream Bar followed. Another popular variant is the Ice Cream Cone, which was released in 1996.

Other enticing variations of this highly popular chocolate brand followed such as the Cruncher bar in 2001, the Almond bar in 2002 and the Cookies flavor also in that same year. The Marathon energy bar was introduced in 2004, the Xtreme in 2006 and the Dark in 2007. A highly nutritious variant is the Charged, which comes with extra caffeine and vitamin B12. In New Zealand and Australia, the company released a special variant called the Lot, which is basically comprised of rich ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and caramel.

Other Relevant Details and Information

A regular Snickers bar contains carefully selected ingredients including artificial flavor, egg whites and salt. Each bar also has lactose, soybean oil and milk fat. Furthermore, it also has butter, skim milk, sugar, corn syrup and peanuts. The special milk chocolate used in making this bar are made up of artificial flavor, soy lecithin, milk fat, lactose, skimmed milk, chocolate, cocoa butter and sugar.

Amongst its numerous variations, one of the most popular is the Duo. Each pack contains twin bars and weighs 3.29 ounces. Another delicious variant is Rockin’ Nut Road. It comes with marshmallow flavored nougat, caramel and almonds. More importantly, it has a rich dark chocolaty flavor that is guaranteed to satisfy both kids and adults. For those who wish to try something new, they can purchase the special edition called Adventure Bar. Unlike the other variants, this item has a coconut flavor, spice and nuts to go with the chocolate taste.

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