When Was the Bill of Rights Written?

The Bill of Rights is known as the first ten changes to the Constitution of the United States. To learn when the Bill of Rights was written it is essential to know the important events in the history of the country. The amendments were proposed by James Madison, member of the First United States Congress, to resolve the concerns about the proposed overall modification of the Constitution. These modifications are very significant to the U.S. government and law. In addition, it is important to the culture as well as independence of the nation. The Bill of Rights has 14 copies and one of these is available at the National Archives of the country.

When Was the Bill of Rights Written?

The U.S. Bill of Rights was written in 1789 by Madison, however, the amendments were formally implemented on the 15th day of December year 1791. The changes in the Constitution are very important to prevent the Congress from creating laws related to religious practices as well as establishments of different religions in the country. In addition, the amendments do not allow the federal government to deprive an individual of life, property and liberty without the person undergoing due process of law. When it comes to federal criminal cases, the changes in the Constitution have improved public trial with the introduction of an unbiased jury. The jury should be composed of several citizens of a certain judicial district where the crime happened.

Other Relevant Information About the U.S. Bill of Rights

One important amendment in the Constitution was the removal of unusual and cruel punishment. In addition, the Bill of Rights does not allow the implementation of excessive bail to people who are under prosecution. Aside from these, the federal government is not allowed to do unreasonable searches. To do searches, the government officials and employees should have a search warrant. Another relevant change in the Constitution was the assignment of police and military officers and personnel to secure a particular area or state in the country.

Some of the proponents and supporters of the Bill of Rights are Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. The other original copies of the amendments were secured by the local governments of Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia and Maryland. Aside from the mentioned states, there are also copies available at the governments of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. Finally, U.S. citizens can also find copies at the governments of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina as well as Virginia.

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