When Was Disney World Built?

One of the most popular, visited and spacious recreational areas in the world, Disney World offers different attractive and interesting sites to visitors. The place features several luring and enticing theme parks where children and adults can have fun and enjoy. This recreational resort was operated as well as owned by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It was situated in the southwest part of Orlando in Florida. To know when Disney World was built, let us look at the important events that led to the establishment of this alluring and famous resort.


When was Disney World built? The entertainment place was established in 1971, however, the plan for the construction of Disney World started in 1959 when the Walt Disney Productions decided to establish a second recreational area to support the popular Disneyland. The company focused its attention on Orlando since it is more industrialized than Sanford in Florida. To avoid complaints and criticisms from the residents of Orlando, the entertainment corporation used different dummy companies as well as several corporate people to purchase 110 square kilometer of land in the area.

Walt Disney Productions constructed the first roads that will connect to Disney World in 1968. During this year, one of the major attractions known as the Magic Kingdom was also established. Before the recreational place formally opened on the first day of October 1971, the other attractions in the area including the Polynesian Resort as well as the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground were also completed.

Other Relevant Details

Disney World is a very nice place to relax and enjoy. Visitors in the establishment can spend some time at the different theme parks, namely the Magic Kingdom-Cinderella Castle, the Epcot-Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios-The Sorcerer’s Hat and Animal Kingdom-The Tree of Life. Other special areas at the recreational park that people can visit are the Typhoon Lagoon, Blizard Beach, the Wedding Pavillion, the BoardWalk and the Wide World of Sports Complex. Aside from these, Disney World also features the Richard Petty Diving Experience and the Downtown Disney.

For the convenience of visitors, the recreational area has an aircraft runway and a spacious parking area. When Disney World was established in the 1970s, Shawnee Airlines initiated a regular passenger service to individuals who want to visit the place. In the 1990s, the establishment closed the runway. After several years, the runway was converted into a staging area where special performances and events hosted by Walt Disney Productions were organized and held.

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