When Was Bingo Invented?

The game Bingo was invented by Edwin Lowe in 1929. This was after the game was played in Italy in the 1530s and later introduced to France and Germany between the late 1770s and 1800s. Someone in Germany on tour then, introduced the game to America where Edwin Lowe learned it and took it back to his hometown in New York. A friend of Mr. Lowe was so excited about winning she shouted “BINGO” instead of “BEANO” (its name at the time.) This is where the name was changed. This article serves to outline how bingo is played and cites a site that gives options to obtain and become abingo card creator.

Bingo is played by using individualized bingo cards and some sort of markers to be placed on the cards. There is one person who is used to call out words or names depending on the type of game you are playing. Each player should have a unique card. Each person has his markers whether they are coins or some kind of chips. If you wish to reuse the cards it wise not to use a writing utensil. Generally, a small prize or cash is given to the winner. Bingo can generate more than one winner, so in that case it is good to prepare a few prizes. There needs to be a method of calling the cards. Calling means telling players which space to mark. This can be done by making a call list. This is where you read from the prepared list. Some words could be placed in a container and one picked randomly and read from. In the traditional numerical bingo, one is expected to call a letter with every word.

To begin, the rules are outlined. If one does not have the called word, no space should be marked. Everyone is told to mark off the free space. This is done by putting your markers in that free space. The bingo caller begins announcing the word to players. Being creative, one can ask a question to which the answer would be the word. The called words are ticked off or placed on a pile if strips of paper are being used. This is continued until someone gets all the words across a row of his card, down a column or diagonally across the card through the free space. At that point, the player stands up and says “BINGO”. The person then checks the card to ensure that the words the person has is the same as those that were called. If this matches, normally one gets his prize and the game is continued so that there are multiple winners.

There is a website called Bingo Card Creator that provides a range of services related to bingo cards and the creation of bingo games. The site is used to help anyone who wants to play recreational or educational bingo games. The site offers various types of software that can be used to assist in designing personalized bingo cards. Another kind of software is offered that can be used to print ready-done cards. The site is user-friendly and offers at least 925 different activities. It is comparative to stores where bingo cards can be obtained. The site, however, offers a better deal in terms of one being able to source own cards at a competitive cost. One can also get creative with the paper on which to print along with the variety of designs to choose from.
Bingo has become very popular over the years and has evolved into a game that is gladly embraced. This is so because of how easy it is to learn and the excitement involved in playing. The foregoing has outlined the simple ways in which to enjoy a much loved game.

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