When is the World Going to End?

Almost all religions have their own belief about the end of the world. The following is an overview of the convictions of various religious faiths and science as well.


For a lot of Christians their idea of the end times is based on the Book of Revelation. It is the last book in the Bible and written by the Apostle John. According to the book, there will be several signs and events that foretell this period. This includes the Rapture, wherein the bodies of the believers will be transformed into incorruptible forms and taken to heaven.

This will be followed by the emergence of the Antichrist or the Beast 666. This person will be possessed by Satan and rule the world. Famine, pestilence and war will take place. Jesus Christ will then make his return. The end of the world takes place when Christ defeats Satan in the Battle of Armageddon. A new heaven and new earth will then emerge.


The Quran lists several portents and signs of the end times. The most notable include the arrival of Mahdi, the last Caliph. There are other portents sited. This includes upheavals in the Earth, leading to lands falling and rising three times. A great fire and smoke will cover the sky.

Other signs will be several powerful earthquakes and the emerging sun in the west. A beast will also rise but a wind will come and carry the Muslim souls to safety.

Both Christian and Islam books don’t say when this will take place but rather instructs their followers to look for these signs.

The Maya and 2012

The Maya concept of the end of the world is different: they believed that everything happens in cycles. Each cycle lasts approximately 5,200 years. Each one ends with a natural disaster. The current cycle concludes on December 21, 2012 and will end in fire. There is actually nothing in the Maya myth that says it is the end of all existence. Rather it’s the end of a cycle. It will be marked by change instead.

The Dying Sun

According to scientists, in 10 billion years the sun’s energy will run out. Either one of two things will happen. One possibility is that the sun will contract. It will become a neutron star and eventually a black hole. The surrounding planets will be sucked in.

The second scenario is that the sun will cool down. This will be followed by the end of the world because it will expand into a red giant. It will swallow Mercury, Venus and the Earth. It might also take in Mars before its size stabilizes.

Other Theories

The Native Americans all believe in a coming Day of Judgment. There are some variations but the general theme is that there will be disasters and monsters will arise. But in the end a deity or savior will come and save the righteous. Other beliefs like Hinduism and Buddhism do not believe in this concept. They state that destruction and creation are endless cycles.

There’s no doubt that the end of the world is something people will be talking about for years to come. It is a subject that undoubtedly will hold people in thrall until the end time actually comes.

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