When is the Right Time to Get Engaged?

Before you settle down, there are several things you need to evaluate with your partner. Here are some facts that can help determine the right time when to get engaged.

How Well You Know Each Other

It’s too easy to say “I want to live with you forever” in the first weeks of a relationship. But marriage is a long term commitment. When in the beginning stages of a relationship, one displays their “best” and most positive qualities. In the same vein, one may overlook certain “negative” or unfavorable aspects in the courting stage.

Before you make the pledge, be sure that you know the other person well enough. This doesn’t mean you have to wait years. But the time you spend with each other should involve knowing each other’s habits and traits. The right time when to get engaged is when you can accept each other’s virtues and imperfections. This is a vital element in a successful partnership.

Financial Situation

For some, the financial situation is an important component as well. The ideal situation is that you get financially stable before settling down. If you have a secure job, your spouse can settle for household duties. Or both of you could have careers.

What you should realize is that starting married and family life is costly. It is hardly a romantic notion, but it’s a fact. Uncertain economic realities mean you should have a job. You don’t need millions to start a family but a stable job is needed. The financial situation needs to be discussed when assessing the times when to get engaged.


Ask yourself this question: are you willing to give up your single status right now? Getting married entails a lot of responsibilities. When you settle down you’ll have to provide for yourself, spouse and offspring.

You can no longer just splurge on luxuries whenever you feel like it. You’ll have to think about your family’s needs first. This also means less time out to hang with your friends and partying.

This isn’t to say marriage and family life isn’t fun. It can be full of love and joy. But at the same time, it requires a total commitment from you. As you ask the question of when to get engaged, the matter of dedication cannot be ignored.

Other Considerations

There are other questions you need to discuss with your partner. This includes consulting with your parents. In some cultures this is of paramount importance. Of course it’ll be your and your partner’s decision. But it’s a sign of respect and courtesy to inform them.

You should also think long term with your partner. Love may be blind, but don’t let that keep the two of you from making plans. By looking ahead, you’ll both have a realistic outlook on life.

In the end, the question of when to get engaged will be answered by you and your partner. Some people make the pledge when they feel like it. But by being practical you’ll be able to look ahead. This will allow you to enjoy a successful and happy married life.

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