When is the Next Leap Year?

The leap year only comes after every four years. It is comprised of at least one or more additional days than regular years. It serves the purpose of synchronizing the calendar year with the seasonal or astronomical year. It helps accumulate one whole day in a span of four years to help match with the apparent position of the sun. Here is a look at its different important aspects including the schedule of the next leap year.

The Schedule of the Next Leap Year

When is the next leap year? The next leap year is set to happen in 2012, on the 29th day of February. Instead of the usual 365 days, one whole day is added to make it 366 days. It only happens once every four years, thus making February 29, 2016 the next leap day after 2012. Because this day takes a longer time to repeat compared to regular years, some people consider it special.

Additional Information and Other Highly Interesting Facts About Leap Years

Traditionally, women use this kind of year to propose marriage. This is especially true in English-speaking countries. Meanwhile, setting a wedding date that coincides with such year is bad luck for people living in Greece. For those who were born on leap years, they can be referred to as leapers or leaplings. During regular years, their birthdays are usually celebrated either on the 28th day of February or on the 1st day of March.

Since February 29, 1980, a special humorous periodical is published in France. Called “La Bougie du Sapeur,” its title was derived from the name of a popular combat engineer or sapper. All throughout history, the world has seen numerous special and memorable events that coincided with leap years. For instance, Native Americans and French forces staged a raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1704. This event led to the deaths of a hundred including women and children.

Additionally, numerous other important and memorable events in history transpired during leap years. In 1940, Finland decided to conduct peace negotiations for the Winter War. In 1944, U.S. General Douglas McArthur led Operation Brewer and invaded the Admiralty Islands as part of World War II. In 1960, a killer quake hit Morocco that led to casualties of more than 3,000 people. In 1972, a massive number of South Korean troops were withdrawn from Vietnam.

Moreover, there were famous individuals who were born on leap days. The list includes baseball player Pepper Martin in 1904, Premier of Tasmania James Wilson in 1812 and Pope Paul III in 1468. The same also went for American swimmer Cullen Jones in 1984, Spanish cyclist Ruben Plaza in 1980 and English actress Emma Barton in 1976. All these historic moments add more color and meaning to leap years.

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