When is the Last Day of Summer?

There is no single answer to the question of when is the last day of summer. With the Earth’s rotation, the seasons occur at different times in different parts of the world. There are also other factors to consider as well.

In the United States

In the US the season is said to commence on Memorial Day (final Monday of May) up to the Labor Day weekend (the initial Monday of September). Obviously it is clear that there is no fixed date, as the first Monday of September falls on different dates.

The origin of this tradition lies in the belief that the season commences at the solstices. In fact the solstices and equinoxes mark the midpoint of a season. The last day of summer is also traditionally said to be when schools close for vacation. Again there is no specific date set here.

Other Parts of the World

In several European countries the season ends around July 31. In China the season ends on August 6. This date was chosen based on their own examination of the solstice. The Chinese have chosen this based on their study of astronomy.

It should be noted that the beginning and end of the season differ in astronomical and cultural terms. The dates we have given are based on the cultural or preferred times of each country.

For astronomers, the last day of summer is based on the movement of the Earth. This means that the start and end date can be quite different. For example, July 31 is the end date in Ireland. But in astronomical terms summer actually goes on until August.

Signs and Indications

In various Asian countries, the summer season starts around March and goes on until mid May. The warmest periods are usually in late March up to April. Around mid or late May, the weather cools down and it starts to rain. T

he heavy downpours usually don’t come until July. However when it stars to rain, it usually means that the last day of summer has arrived.

In the United States, the end of summer means that the fall or autumn season is coming. In ancient times, it was the time for harvesting. In other countries around the world it is marked by rain.

The end of the season is also the time when hurricanes or typhoons start forming. Aside from rain, the temperature goes down and the breeze gets stronger.

Climate Change

For the past few years, several scientists have noticed that weather patterns have been changing. In some countries, sudden downpours have been reported in the midst of the season. In some cases the rains can continue for days on end.

At the same time very hot temperatures have been recorded. In other countries, the temperature goes up so much it generates a heat wave. This doesn’t just affect people but it has been known to cause flowers to blossom or wither prematurely.

Evidence is mounting that this all due to climate change. The varying weather patterns have been brought about by pollution. Thus, predicting the last day of summer is getting harder.

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