When Does Spring Start?

There is no specific time when spring starts. It commences on different times in different parts of the world. However, it can be defined by the events that accompany it.

Basic Definition and Duration

This season takes place after the winter and before summer. Generally the days and nights are nearly equal.

The season commences at the spring equinox and culminates at the summer solstice. This period takes place at different times. In the Northern Hemisphere this can occur from March 21 to June 22. In the Southern Hemisphere the period starts from September 23 to December 22. The movement of the Earth and weather fluctuations are the reasons why there is no definite period when spring starts.


Although March 21 is usually defined as its starting point, the signs and indications commence days before that. One of the most conspicuous signs will be the sun itself. Regardless of the location the sun will rise earlier, by an hour or so. It will also set about an hour later than usual.

The Sun, Clouds and Air

The sun doesn’t just appear earlier, but it is also much brighter. This has an effect on the air too. As the sun gets brighter the snow dissipates. The air breezes are much stronger. Depending on the continent / region, there may be accompanying rainfall. Climate changes though, can result in occasional snowfall.

When spring starts, cloud formation will also change. The dark grey thunderclouds of winter will be replaced by cumulus clouds.

Plants and Flowers

The season is associated with plant growth and rightly. Most floras grow during this time. Annuals appear and wild onions grow as well. Most flowers, including lilac, start to blossom as well. Flowers like tulips, daffodils and pansies come to bloom as well. Some of these flowers and plants can appear as early as February.

Animal Activity

Other signs are birds. Most birds begin to create their nests. Others begin their flights, including the geese. When spring starts, another conspicuous sign are robins appearing, fluttering and flying around in gardens. Aside from robins, bluebirds also appear.

A trip to the zoo will show that animals resume their activities. In zoos you will see animals soaking up the sun. Even in your homes, dogs and cats will do the same. Going to streams and forests you’ll see animal tracks as well. From coyotes to deer, these tracks will indicate their activities have resumed.

Insects will also become more active. An increase in their activity means the winter is about to end. You’ll likely see them flying around more often.


Most of the trees start to produce flowers as well. Aside from flowers, the leaves will start to appear. In some trees the flowers would be taken over by leaves. Most of the leaves start to gain their full color at this time.

When spring starts, most cultures look at the season as a time for rebirth, marking it with festivals and celebration. As such, it is probably the most celebrated of the seasons.

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