When Does Project Runway Start Again?

One of the most interesting and famous reality television shows broadcast on Lifetime Television, Project Runway features amateur fashion designers who compete against each other. The contestants will design and make apparel based on a particular theme. This television program, which is hosted by model Heidi Klum has been running for almost five years now. As of 2008, the show already completed five seasons.

Overview of the Sixth Season

When does Project Runway start again? The sixth season of the television program was filmed in California. It will be aired on the 20th day of August 2009. This is one of the most exciting seasons of the reality television show because it featured outstanding celebrity judges including famous singer Christina Aguilera. One of the most exciting episodes of the season is when the finalists in the season participated in the New York Fashion Week on the 20th day of February 2009.

The pre-finale taping of the season was recorded on the 17th day of October 2008, but the broadcast was delayed due to the lawsuit filed by NBC Universal against Weinstein Co. The producer of the show waited until the Federal Court ruled and settled the case before Weinstein decided the launch of the sixth season.

Background of the Television Program

Project Runway examined the creativity of fashion designers by challenging them to create attractive and unique clothes based on a given theme. In the first season, the contestants were challenged to create designs and clothes from non-traditional items like merchandises from a grocery store as well as edible food products . In the other seasons, the staff of the show challenged the designers to make clothes from flowers and plants, recyclable items and house furnishings.

Most of the previous seasons of Project Runway were filmed in New York City. The sixth season is the first season of the television show that was filmed outside the city. To examine the creativity of designers, they are not allowed to bring pattern and fashion books. The contestants should dress their models with the clothes that they made. They are also in-charged with the make-up and hairstyle of the models. The models will present the clothes that the contestants made to the judges. The judges decide who loses the challenge. The winner gets immunity in the succeeding round. Aside from immunity, the winning garment can also be promoted in magazines and sold to topnotch online fashion shops like BlueFly.com. The winner in each season receives a contract worth $100,000 at any outstanding fashion company in America like Banana Republic.

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