When Do We Put the Clocks Back?

Daylight savings time (also known as DST) is a practice in many states in America, which encourages people to save energy by advancing their clocks an hour so that they will have more afternoon time. This practice started in the Second World War when America experienced a great need for saving energy. A law concerning the implementation of daylight savings time was approved at this time. However, several centuries after World War II, the national government decided to amend the law and let the local governments decide whether they need to practice the DST. To avoid confusions, it is important to know when people adjust the clocks.

Adjusting the Clocks

When do we put the clocks back? Based on the 2007 Daylight Savings Time guide, states in America that practice DST must set back the clocks at two in the morning of the first Sunday of November. The clocks should be adjusted to have extra hour in the afternoon because DST starts at two in the morning of the first Sunday of March.

Reason for Adjusting the Clocks

The implementation of daylight savings time is one of the simplest ways of saving electricity. This practice allows people to maximize the light that the sun provides. Instead of turning the lights early in the evening when the sun is still up, households and businesses will not turn on the lights as well as other appliances since the clock were adjusted. According to research done by the Department of Transportation, states that practice DST save one per cent of energy a day every time the clocks were adjusted. However, in some areas of America where the temperature is hot like Arizona and Hawaii, the daylight savings time is not implemented.


The Congress approved the Standard Time Act on the 19th day of March 1918. This act focused on the development of a concept about saving energy by adjusting the clocks at the start of spring. Many people opposed the act, which led to the decision of the Congress to let the practice of DST a local matter. It was during the Second World War when the Uniform Time Act was implemented on the national level. The practice of Daylight Savings Time was compulsory from February 9, 1942 to September 30, 1945. The act provided the standards for DST so that Americans do not experience confusions and problems following the energy saving legislation. The legislation was lifted and 19 years after, it was re-established when the country experienced energy crisis.

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