When Do Christmas Sales Start?

There’s no fixed date regarding when Christmas sales start. In depends on where you are. Other factors like the economy can dictate its occurrence.

The United States

Traditionally the day is set on Black Friday. That is the day after Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November). The stores offer large discounts on almost all items. Among the largest price cuts are among electronic gadgets and appliances. Stores used to open at six in the morning but a lot now open at 4 AM.

This tradition started back in the 1950s and has continued to this day in all states. An increasing number however, have started offering sales a few days before Thanksgiving.

The reason is two fold. The first is that when Christmas sales start, the stores are able to rake in more money. By holding longer sales, they entice more shoppers to come. Second, it gives them an edge over the competition.

During and after the holidays, more sales take place. It’s not unusual to see bigger price cuts after December 25. These are the items that weren’t snapped up during the rush.


In Europe, the biggest sales take place on Boxing Day (December 26). This is also the case in Dublin, Ireland and other countries on the continent. The stores open up at 9 in the morning. The sales continue for several more days.

In some European cities, December 24 is the time when Christmas sales start. The reason is the same as that in the US. It gives store owners the opportunity to sell more items. For consumers it offers them the opportunity to beat the after holiday rush to buy gifts and presents. The price discounts vary, but the biggest cuts are reserved for popular items.

Economic Factors

The economy is an important factor. During a financial crisis, it’s customary for store owners to offer larger than usual discounts. Buy one, take one offers are also commonplace. This doesn’t just apply when times are hard. When the economy is up, some stores increase their holiday sale offerings. The consumer after all, is willing to spend.

Buying Online

When Christmas sales start, people usually flock to stores to buy. However an increasing number now prefer to shop online. There are several reasons for this. It helps them avoid the large crowds.
Second, it can be a money saver. You can visit several online stores and compare prices easily. You also don’t have to pay for gas. There’s no need to worry about parking space and the traffic as well.


A lot of companies release new products around the holidays. Take advantage of the opportunity to get them at lower prices.
If you don’t want to go online shopping, be prepared to stand in line. In the US, scores of people line up in the wee hours of Black Friday. Take care not to injure yourself in the rush.

It’s true that when Christmas sales start, it can be quite stressful. However, there are other alternatives like doing it online. Even if you don’t get anything fancy, remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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