When Do Babies Talk?

One of the happiest moments in the lives of couples or parents is hearing their baby talk. Brain development is an important factor to the ability of babies to talk. Aside from this, the environment is also essential to enhance their communication skills. Most physicians recommend parents to talk to their babies as early as one month to improve their vocabulary.

When do babies talk? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by first-time parents. To answer the question, it is important to have a closer look at the developments in the speech abilities of babies. It is also necessary to know the things that parents can do to enhance the vocabulary as well as the ability of children to interact and communicate with others.

Birth to Three Months

At this stage most babies gurgles and coos. To help your child make sounds, it is important to talk and sing to your child. In addition to this, make sure that you give your baby a quiet time because this is helpful for the child to imitate the sounds that the baby hears.

Three to Six Months

The ability of babies to talk to other people starts at this stage. To encourage your child to become a talker, it is best to imitate every sound that the baby makes. If you see that your child is trying to imitate the sound that you do, say the word over and over again.

Six to Nine Months

During their sixth to ninth month, most babies make sounds like dada and baba. At this time, parents should give enough time to their children to help them improve their vocabulary. Ask simple questions to them and tell them the answers.

Nine Months to Twelve Months

At this stage, babies can understand simple words. At this time, children can also point the things that they like. They can also use simple gestures to tell their parents about the things that they want. For instance, babies give toys to their parents or caregivers to tell them that they want to play with them.

Twelve Months to Fifteen Months

When do babies talk? In most cases, babies start to associate words with things at this stage. As they reach their first year, they can clearly say simple words such as mama or papa. To help them enhance their communication skills, it is important that parents read books to their children because this activity can enhance the vocabulary of babies.