When Did Vibe Magazine Start?

“Vibe” is a music entertainment magazine. Issued once a month, it regularly features entertainers and actors. More importantly, it highlights some of the hottest and most popular rappers and R&B musicians. This magazine gets a large following and support from youngsters who love the culture of hip-hop. It is perfect for people who really love music. For those who want to know when “Vibe” magazine started, here is a comprehensive look at the history of this highly successful music publication.

History and Background

When did “Vibe” magazine start? Quincy Jones founded and launched the publication in 1993. It was a time when hip-hop and R&B dominated the music charts. According to studies, the group succeeded right away because its competitors were focusing on limited topics. For instance, publications such as “Spin” and “Rolling Stone” focus on pop and rock and roll. In addition, “XXL” and “The Source” have laid their sights on rap music alone.

Instead of focusing on one or two music genres, this publication tried to offer its audience something much bigger and broader. It features some of the hottest and most popular musicians in recent years including Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg. These superstars have all graced the cover of the magazine. It has a circulation of around 800,000 as of 2007.

Other Relevant Information and Details

Aside from featuring the hottest and biggest names in hip-hop and R&B music, people continue to support this publication because of its content. Some of its pages are devoted to high-end clothing and style featuring huge labels such as Fubu and Rocawear. It also runs articles on some of the most promising and upcoming artists in the music scene. There are also pages for people who are keen about celebrity rumors and gossips.

More importantly, this magazine has been offering its readers a comprehensive review of the latest music releases through the column entitled Revolutions. Not only that, the publication runs a special feature on people involved in Caribbean music as well as reggae. Some of the most influential writers behind this magazine include Dream Hampton, Jeff Chang and Alan Light.

Other artists who have graced the cover of this magazine include Ciara, R. Kelly and Eminem. The publication also got a very positive response by featuring artists such as Beyonce, Fugees and Keyshia Cole. It also holds special tournaments and awards involving some of the most impressive and well-respected individuals in the music industry.

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