When Did the Vietnam War Start?

Knowing when did the Vietnam War start is very important to enhance our understanding on world history. It is considered as one of the most popular wars of all times because many countries aside from North Vietnam and South Vietnam fought against each other at this war. The war started due to the interest of North Vietnam to have control over South Vietnam, Cambodia as well as Laos. Because of conflicting interests, many countries supported the resistance of South Vietnam such as the United States as well as some of the members of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. The war resulted to the communist’s control over the Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam.

When Did the Vietnam War Start?

Vietnam War started in March 1959 and lasted for almost 26 years. The North Vietnamese Army used conventional military tactics and strategies in the war while the South Vietnamese Army and the U.S. Army implement air strikes as well as search and destroy operations. Even if a peace treaty was introduced in January 1972, the war continued until April 30, 1975. Death toll was above 5 million overall: 3 million Vietnamese, 2 million Cambodians and Laotians as well as 58, 159 members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Other Relevant Information About the Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh, the famous Viet Minh leader, announced the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on the second day of September 1945. This declaration caused opposition from various nations, which agreed that France has control over Vietnam. Some nations that opposed the announcement are the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States. Due to this, the countries started military forces in Vietnam. The Viet Minh leader tried to communicate and establish a treaty with France but the French forces was sent to Hanoi and ousted the group of Ho Chi Minh in the area in March 1946.

After several years, the People’s Republic of China supported the leadership and control of Ho Chi Minh over the Democratic Republic Vietnam. Since the control of Viet Minh was established in January 1950, talks between the United States and France were held about the possible introduction of tactical nuclear weapons by Ho Chi Minh. The opposition of the United States to the leadership of Viet Minh was strengthened and felt when the administration of U.S. President John F. Kennedy launched U.S. and South Vietnamese military operations in the rural areas and ancestral villages in North Vietnam in the 1960s.

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