When Did the iPod Come Out?

Amongst the numerous portable media players available today, the iPod is one of the most impressive, popular and efficient. It has a cool interface with lots of capabilities including games, videos and photos. More importantly, this gadget plays wonderful music with crisp and clear sound. For those who want to find out when the iPod came out, here are the details of its highly successful history.


When did the iPod come out? Apple Inc. made some serious waves in the electronics industry when it released the iPod on October 23rd, 2001. Today, it comes in different beautiful variations including iPod shuffle, which is known for its compact design. There is also the iPod Nano, which is famous for its cool video capability. Meanwhile, the iPod Touch is impressive because it makes use of a touch-screen. For those who want the original, they can always go for the iPod Classic complete with its wonderful features.

The official launch of this product came with the booming of the personal digital devices industry including organizers, camcorders and digital cameras. The force behind this impressive item includes hardware engineers Michael Dhuey, Tony Fadell and Jon Rubinstein. With the help of this product, people can carry with them and store up to thousands of songs wherever they go. Before its global release on October 23, 2001, Apple Inc. registered and requested a trademark for the iPod under the Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S.

The first generation iPod was launched on October 23, 2001, the second generation on July 17, 2002 and the third generation on April 28, 2003. The fourth generation was released on October 26, 2004, the fifth generation on October 12, 2005 and the sixth generation on September 5, 2007.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

As of September 2008, the number of products sold all over the world has now reached 173,000,000 and still counting. This feat solidified the status of this product as one of the best-selling digital music players of all time. Another good thing about this item is that it can play video games. The most popular games available include Music Quiz, Solitaire and Brick. In later versions, other games were also released including Texas Hold ’Em, Pac-Man and Bejeweled. These games never run out because there are third parties that continue to develop them such as Hudson Soft, Electronic Arts and Square Enix.

Each product has corresponding components. For the batteries, iPod makes use of lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. As storage, it uses flash memories, micro-drives and hard drives. Because of its superior quality and performance, even airlines started to install the device inside their planes including Emirates, Delta and Continental.

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