When Did the American Revolution Start?

The American Revolution began in the 1760s. As the colonists settled in the New World, several issues came up that led to the rift between the colonists and the British.

British Restraints

One of the most contentious issues were importing and buying of raw products. Under the British rule the colonists had to buy materials from Britain at high prices. On the other hand the British were allowed to get the raw materials from the US at low fees. This policy affected the colonists’ businesses and the resentment intensified.

British Troops in America

During the mid 1700s, Britain and France waged war over various North American territories. The British victory led to the presence of more troops in America. Their presence infuriated the colonists. The bitterness grew when the British Empire had the colonists pay for the war expenses. These were just some of the issues boiling over when the American Revolution began.

american revolutionary war

The Boston Massacre

A critical point came on March 5 1770. In Boston, a group of people hurled stones and snowballs at some British soldiers. The troops fired back, killing five people. It became known as the Boston Massacre and led to more confrontations between troops and colonists.

The Boston Tea Incident

In 1773 the British Empire issued a decree allowing the East India Company to sell tea in the US. The colonists were enraged because it gave British companies an unfair advantage. The colonists came to the dock dressed like Native Americans. When the vessels came, they stormed it and threw out all the tea into the sea.

In retaliation the Parliament issued the Intolerable Acts Law. It curtailed self governance in Massachusetts and imposed more taxes and penalties. It can be said that when the American Revolution began it was in 1774. That was when colonists called the Sons of Liberty started forming militias and stocking firearms.

Lexington and Concord

On April 18, 1775 troops went to Lexington and Concord to seize the firearms. They were shot by the militants and forced to get out of Boston. The next month in May the 2nd Continental Congress created the Continental Army. They were led by a man named George Washington.

Declaration of Impendence

On July 4, 1776 the United States formally declared its independence from England. The official Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson.

When the American Revolution began Washington and his men faced problems. The British had superior arms and were more numerous. But the General and revolutionaries managed to overcome the odds. They scored several key victories including the Battle of Yorktown. With help from Britain’s enemy France, they kept General Cornwallis from aiding his army.

In 1781 Cornwallis was forced to surrender. Two years later Parliament officially recognized the independence of the United States. After the war, the new country created their Constitution. Unique in the world at the time, it created a government without kings or queens. The power to choose the leader would come from the people.

When the American Revolution began it was against the rule of the Parliament. When it ended, it became the model form of government which others would soon follow.

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