When Did Sesame Street Start?

One of the most popular U.S. educational television programs for children, Sesame Street was developed by Jim Henson and it is very famous for the launch of the interesting Muppet characters. This entertaining and enjoyable television series was produced and introduced by the Children’s Television Workshop. Since its creation in 1969, many children in the world improved their knowledge on basic arithmetic, socialization and word recognition. To know the exact date when did Sesame Street start, it is important to learn the special events that have been essential to the creation and launch of the television program.

The History

When did Sesame Street start? This educational television program premiered on the 10th of November in 1969. However, to have a closer look on the creation of Sesame Street, it is best to start with exploring the background of television programs for children in the U.S. during the mid and late 1960s.

At this time, some organizations do not support the television’s use to enhance children’s understandings on various subjects. Joan Ganz Cooney was recruited by Carnegie Institute to do a study on the effects of television on the schooling of children from low-income families. Based on this study, Cooney proposed the use of animated television programs to enhance the knowledge of children. Due to this proposal, the institution provided Cooney a grant amounting to $8 million to develop an educational television series for U.S children. In 1968, Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, Carnegie Institute’s vice president, founded the Children’s Television Workshop.

After the establishment of the nonprofit organization, Cooney hired producers who helped in the creation of the program. The producers are Dave Connell, Jon Stone and Sam Gibbon. To assist the producers in the development of the show, they attended seminars about preschool education, child psychology as well as child development.

At first, the television program was known as the Preschool Educational Television Show. The title Sesame Street was conceptualized several days before the television series premiered. To launch the premier episode of the program, Xerox gave $50,000 as a grant.

Other Relevant Information About Sesame Street

The characters in Sesame Street are composed of performing Muppets as well as humans. Some of the most famous characters in this television program are actress Alison Bartlett-O’Reilly who portrayed Gina since 1987 as well as actress Sonia Manzano who portrayed Maria since 1971. Other important characters in the series are Will Lee who portrayed Mister Hooper and Loretta Long who portrayed Susan since 1969.

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