When Did Nevada Become a State?

Considered as the 36th state of the United States, Nevada is known as the seventh largest place in the country in terms of area since it covers the Great Basin at the north and the Mojave Desert at the south. Carson is the capital of the state but many tourists like to visit the other areas in Nevada such as Reno and Las Vegas because these feature attractive tourist spots and inviting entertainment establishments. To know when Nevada became a state, it is important to take a look at the other events that are essential to the history of the place.


When did Nevada become a state? Based on the records of the national government, Nevada was officially recognized as a U.S. state on the 31st day of October in 1864. The statehood happened eight days before the reelection of President Abraham Lincoln. After several months, Lincoln announced the appointment of the place’s Territorial Governor, Jame W. Nye. This state attained its present boundaries in the south on the 5th day of May 1866. It occurred when Nevada absorbed some parts of Arizona’s Pah-Ute County. Two years after, a portion of the territory of Utah was transferred to the state, which was essential for the federal government to set the place’s boundary in the east.

Other Important Details

Silver mining is one of the main industries that became important to the economy of Nevada before the 19th century. During the last years of this century, the miners in the state experienced tight competition with the miners in Utah and Colorado. To save the mining industry from collapsing, strikes in Rhyolite as well as Goldfield happened in the 1910s.

During this time, another industry that improved the economy of the state is the gambling industry. Because of the occurrence of the Great Depression and the declines in the performance of the mining industry, the local government legalized gambling in the state. The first company that received a gaming license is Northern Club. The license was released by the government in 1931.

Another important event in the state is the establishment of the Nevada Test Site on the 11th January 1951. The site was founded to examine different nuclear weapons. According to historians, there are numerous nuclear detonated weapons stored in the site. To secure the safety of all the residents in the area, the last atmospheric test performed by the site happened on the 17th day of July 1962 but the underground tests were conducted until the 23rd day of September 1992.

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