When Did Mexico Gain Independence?

Considered as one of the most popular Spanish-speaking countries, Mexico is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west and south as well as the United States on the north. This country is known to be the 11th most populous area in the world. It has a rich history, culture and heritage. For several centuries, the country was colonized by different countries including Spain. To know when Mexico gained independence, let us explore the historical events related to the colonization of the country by Spain as well as the start and end of the Mexican War of Independence.

The Colonization of Mexico

When did Mexico gain independence? The country gained freedom from Spaniards in 1830. The colonization of the country started in 1521 when the people of the Aztec Empire, the former name of Mexico, were defeated and conquered by Spaniards. The control of Spain over the country lasted for three centuries. At that time, the place was known to other civilizations as the New Spain.

The Mexican War of Independence was triggered by the invasion of Spain by Napoleon I. The invasion led to the opposition of wealthy landowners, political leaders and conservatives in Mexico to the social, economic and political policies implemented by Napoleon I. Because of this, an alliance between Mexican liberals and conservatives was formed. The alliance aimed for the independence of Mexicans from the Spaniards and the leadership of Napoleon I.

Other Relevant Information

The Mexican War of Independence was led by three popular political figures in the history of the country, namely Vicente Guerrero, Guadelupe Victoria and Francisco Javier Mina. This war coincided with the start of the Spanish Civil War, which increased the chances of rebels to win the war of independence. Another important event that improved the chances of Mexicans to win the war was the establishment of the Army of the Three Guarantees.

The number of the members of the army increased in the 1810s. Because of the increasing population of rebels in the area, the Treaty of Cordoba was signed between the Spanish government and the leader of the Army of the Three Guarantees, Agustin de Iturbide. From 1823 until 1829, Spaniards still tried to regain control over Mexico. Despite all the political strategies and military attacks implemented and initiated by Spain, the rebels continued to fight for their freedom. In 1830, the Spanish government finally proclaimed the independence of one of its colonies, Mexico.

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