When Did Hurricane Katrina Happen?

Hurricane Katrina was considered as one of the strongest tropical cyclones that caused severe damages in some of the states in the United States. The effects of this hurricane were felt on New Orleans, Louisiana. For those who want to know when did Hurricane Katrina happen, it is important to take a look at the meteorological history of the cyclone.

When Did Hurricane Katrina Happen?

This deadly hurricane was developed at the Bahamas and passed the southern part of Florida on the 23rd day of August year 2005. Many people who lived along the Gulf coast lost their loved ones and friends. In addition to this, great property damages in the area were also observed. Deaths and property lost were primarily caused by the failure of New Orleans’ federal flood protection system. According to economist Randall Bell, the property damages caused by the cyclone were above $100 billion.

Meteorological History

The formation of Hurricane Katrina was caused by the interaction between Tropical Depression Ten’s remains and tropical wave at the southeastern area of the Bahamas. On the 25th day of August year 2005, the hurricane became a tropical storm after it landed between Aventura and Hallandale Beach in Florida. Three days after, the storm has intensified and has reached the Category 5 status and made it the strongest and deadliest hurricane that occurred in the United States. The tropical storm passed through several states including Texas and Mississippi until its remnants were seen at the eastern region of Great Lakes on the 31st of August.

Impact on Several U.S. States

The confirmed deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina are as follow: Louisiana – 1,577, Mississippi – 238, Florida – 14, Alabama – 2, Georgia -2, Ohio – 2 and Kentucky – 1. This tropical cyclone also affected the economy and government of the country. To help with the reconstructions and repairs of property damages in the affected states, the national government spent $105 billion. When it comes to the economic effects of the storm, there are oil producers along the Gulf Coast experienced great losses due to the destruction of numerous oil platforms as well as the closure of several oil refineries. The forestry industry was also affected because forest lands were damaged in Mississippi.

National and International Response

To help individuals who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. government introduced a National Response Plan. Other countries like Venezuela and Cuba also offered medical assistance. In addition, some countries provided donations to the U.S. including Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

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