When Did California Become a State?

One of the most industrialized and populous states of the U.S., California is popular for its diverse population, inviting climate and attractive geography. People who visit the state can find Baja California at the south, while Oregon is situated to the north. The border in the east is Nevada and in the southeast, travelers can locate Arizona. To learn when California became a state, it is important to explore the important historical events in the area that occurred in the 1800s and the 1900s.


When did California become a state? The statehood of this area was proclaimed on the 9th day of September in 1850. Before the 19th century, many countries have established colonies in California including Russia and England. The governance of Spanish in the place started in 1697 and lasted in 1821. During this time, missions led by Spanish Catholic Dominicans, Franciscans as well as Jesuits were established in some parts of California. The missionaries brought European livestock, vegetables and fruits in the area. They also taught Native Americans who resided in the area to cultivate plants.

The independence of Mexico from Spain led to the end of Spanish era in the area. Mexican colonization started in 1821 and the trades as well as ranching in the place were enhanced. Some of the changes that happened in California at this time include the secularization of missions as well as the immigration of non Mexicans in the area.

On the 13th day of May 1846, the United States announced a war with Mexico. Non-Mexican residents in California revolted against Mexican officials and military leaders on the 15th day of June 1846. The revolt continued for a week. With the assistance of the U.S. Army, non-Mexican residents took control over the place.

Other Important Details

From 1847 to 1849, the leaders of the U.S. military controlled the economic, social and political activities in the area. Slavery was outlawed in the area through the leadership of military governor Bennett Riley in September 1849. A government was established in November 1849. After 10 months, the U.S. Congress recognized California as the 31st state of the country.

Migration to the state continued and increased in the 20th century. To improve the economic conditions in the area, the Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway were constructed in the 1900s. In the mid 1900s, California was known to other countries as the international center of music industries, engineering companies as well as entertainment businesses.

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