When Are You Considered a Cancer Survivor?

Known as one of the deadliest diseases today, cancer (also referred to as malignant neoplasm) is caused by an uncontrolled growth, invasion and metastasis of oncogenes in the body. The uncontrolled growth of metastatic cells is caused by different factors like infectious agents, radiation and tobacco smoke. Aside from these, abnormalities in the genes can also be due to DNA replication errors, DNA methylation as well as microRNAs.

The diagnosis of the disease commonly requires the histologic analysis of a tissue sample extracted by a pathologist. When it comes to treatments, cancer patients are encouraged to undergo surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer cells. Because of the development of new medical technologies and methods that are used to treat the disease, many patients are now considered as cancer survivors.

Survival of Cancer Patients

When are you considered a cancer survivor? In the past years, physicians consider an individual to be a cancer survivor when the person is diagnosed to be free from the malignancy for at least a year. However, as the understanding of humans on the disease improves, the definition of being a cancer survivor changes.

In present times, people refer to cancer survivor as the individual who is suffering from the deadly disease but is still living. The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship to recognize not just the efforts of the patient to survive but also to acknowledge the support given by the friends, relatives and families of the cancer patient.

Other Relevant Information About the Disease

Prevention is better than cure. To prevent the development of cancer cells in the body, it is important to monitor a person’s diet and lifestyle. It is important to include vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. In addition, avoid cigarette and tobacco smoking because tobaccos and cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemicals. Moreover, it is necessary to have regular intakes of vitamins and supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin B12.

To help people prevent from suffering any form of cancer, there are vaccines and immunizations administered in hospitals and medical centers. Once a patient is diagnosed with the disease, there are treatments that the individual should undergo. One of the advanced treatments for this deadly disease is photodynamic therapy.

Photodynamic therapy involves the use of lasers and photo sensitizers. Other therapies that can be used to treat the disease are hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. Aside from these, outstanding medical centers and hospitals in the world also offer symptom control care to cancer patients.

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